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32 Most Popular Caribbean Beers By Country | SANDALS
Banks Beer is the national beer of both Barbados and Guyana. It is produced by Banks (Barbados) Breweries Ltd., which also makes other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Banks is a premier style lager, and it has won many international awards, including Monde Selection.

6 Sensational Caribbean Beers & Where to Swig Them
Origin: Barbados Flavor Profile: Water filtered through Bajan coral stone may be the secret to the flavor of this Pilsner-style brew, made with German barley and hops. Sipping Spot: In a hammock slung between two palm trees on Dover Beach in St. Lawrence Gap. Belikin Origin: Belize

SANDALS® Bars, Drinks & Alcohol Selection | It's All Included
Serving premium liquors at up to 11 bars per resort. From swim-up pool bars to exclusive speakeasies, we hold the ‘art of the drink’ in high priority at Sandals Resorts. And with unlimited drinks, in as many as 11 bars per all-inclusive resort, there’s simply no wrong way to order a creatively made craft cocktail.

16 St. Lucian Food & Drinks To Try While On Vacation | SANDALS
Have yourself an ice-cold beer while sprawled out on a local beach catching some rays. Piton beer is the most popular local brand in Saint Lucia, and this pilsner beer will satisfy your thirst, and leave you wanting to taste more of the island. Piton beer is named after the world-famous world heritage site in Saint Lucia, the Pitons, and hopefully your trip also includes a trip up these amazing peaks!

19 Food & Drinks To Try While In Grenada | SANDALS
Grenadians love their Carib beer and you will too once you’re sprawled out with a cooler of it on ice on a beautiful beach. Carib has been brewed since 1960 at Grenada Breweries, and is a staple at most local bars. Ask for it on tap. Insider tip: Do you want to drink unlimited cocktails, champagne and other drinks from a swim-up bar in Grenada?

32 Food & Drinks To Try While In The Bahamas | SANDALS
Kalik Beer is known as the beer of The Bahamas, and its name has something to do with cowbells and Junkanoo, the annual Bahamian carnival celebration. The name ‘Kalik’ is likened to the sound the cowbells make when shaken; cowbells are an integral part of the Junkanoo Festival, as are other traditional Bahamian instruments. The beer itself is considered a national favorite, and you can enjoy various different versions including regular, light (Kalik Light), and extra strong (Kalik Gold ...

The Top Traditional Jamaican Sayings & Phrases | Sandals Blog
Add in some funny Jamaican sayings. While we're here, why not learn a few funny Jamaican phrases and sayings as well? "Blabba mout" is an expression that’s often used to describe someone who talks too much. Chatterbox is the English translation of the phrase. “Talk and taste your tongue” is a funny Jamaica expression often used to mean ...

The Pitons in St. Lucia: The Ultimate Guide | SANDALS
Piton beer is light, refreshing, and might just be worth purchasing just to pop out of your bag at the summit of Gros Piton! Where in Saint Lucia are the Pitons located? The Pitons are located in the south of Saint Lucia near the towns of Soufriere and Choiseul on the southwestern coast.

Best Time To Visit Curaçao: The Complete Guide | SANDALS
Photo credit: Simon Dannhauer/Shutterstock.com. The best time to visit Curaçao is generally between the months of December and mid-April, which is considered peak season. You’ll get the most out of your time on this island paradise at this time with most of the events happening, including Curaçao Carnival which culminates with a grand ...

Sandals Barbados Luxury Resort in St. Lawrence Gap
Sandals First Craft Beer Garden A Sandals first, Lovers Lane craft beer bar serves 19 different beers from around the world. Take a seat around the wraparound bar, where a built-in strip of ice helps keep your drinks perfectly chilled. Sandals Royal Barbados Always Included Sandals First Gourmet Donut Shop